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Všeobecné podmínky vzdělávání společnosti Symphera (soubor PDF, 256 kB)

Leadership Spiral

The most comprehensive look at leadership. Embark on a journey with a clear map, up the leadership spiral. 

PRINCE2® Foundation – listening in

Taste half a day of the certification course for free! Get to know the instructor, the quality of instruction and the training materials.

Agile mindset

Agile starts with changing mindsets, not processes and structures! In this hands-on workshop, you will try new behavioral patterns in agility.


In this interactive and hands-on training, you will go through the entire Scrum process and try all the events.


Project management fundamentals based on best practice project management principles. Alignment of procedures, terminology, documents, identification of responsibilities and roles.

Risk Management

A list of risks is not enough. Learn to approach potential hazards on a project proactively, meaningfully and pragmatically!

Key Principles of Program Management

Learn basic program management practices and methods for successful program delivery and achieve a new level of results and success.

Stakeholder Engagement

How to understand all stakeholders in a project? Learn the skill of effective stakeholder relationship building and win their support.

Project Planning

Project planning does not end with the printing of a document – the project plan. Prepare the project’s supporting elements, including specific activities that will take you toward your goal.

Time Management

Do you need to increase your job and life satisfaction in the long run? You will get practical guidance on how to do it, and we will also take you through the complex topic of life management.

Key Principles of Agile Management

Learn the principles of projects with agile delivery and pure agile projects.


Contract & Negotiation

Better position yourself to communicate with authorities and lawyers by mastering knowledge of barriers. Experience negotiation first-hand.

Jak vytvořit vizi pro svůj tým či firmu

Vize je více než cíl, je to obraz budoucnosti. Ukáže vám směr, dodá energii, pomůže vám správně se rozhodovat. Naučíme vás, jak ji vytvořit! 

Make sense to make an impression

Problém prezentujících není v jejich projevu, ale v hlavě. Neučte se techniky, dokud nevíte, co vlastně chcete říct.