Leadership Spiral
“Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible.”
Collin Powel

The only training on the market that looks at the topic of leadership in a completely unique, comprehensive way. It is an overview training that systematically maps all the essential areas of leadership and allows you to grasp leadership as a whole, understand what building blocks it consists of and create a map for the leader to guide him on the path of personal development and the development of his team. Through leadership assessment, each participant will evaluate their own leadership skills and create an action plan during the course.

3-day course

18 hours training

Certification exam: NO

Refreshments: YES

Course language: ENG, CZ

  • Use the short Leadership Assessment to find out where you stand as a leader
  • You will understand that Leadership is actually a path that can be systematically followed with concrete steps. This will enable you to focus on the areas that are important to you as a leader at the moment and see how you can develop further in these areas.
  • Because a leader must always start with themselves, we will show you what the building blocks of personal growth are.
  • Understand why it is important to have a vision and how to communicate it with enthusiasm and energy.
  • Know how best to build a team and what the team life cycle is
  • Understand what the prerequisites for a well-functioning team are and learn how to motivate and better manage relationships (conflicts) within the team.
  • Learn how to influence and motivate people to become leaders themselves.
  • You will come to understand that a Leader is constantly learning and thinking in a broader context and context.
  • You will build your own action plan based on the knowledge you have gained.
  • Extensive training materials
  • Personal Leadership Assessment
  • Leadership worksheets and exercises
  • Certificate of Completion
  • A practical action plan for future direction after the course

The training that we provide in this area helps both new and experienced leaders find new ways to lead people well. Participants will gain a new perspective on the role of a leader.


The course requires no prior knowledge.


  • PERSONALITY – Personal brand and its building. Values. Who are you if you did not have your current position? Why would I want to follow you?
  • VISION – What is your vision in your roles? Do you have a passion, can you convey it? The psychology and structure of vision and how to communicate it.
  • EXECUTION – A leader with a vision without the ability to deliver is a dreamer. Self-organization, courage and energy.
  • PEOPLE ORIENTATION – It is one thing to have personality, yet it is another to have the ability to lead people. Do you know how to create an environment of trust, know how to listen and lead with love?
  • TEAM - How to build a team and surround yourself with the right people. Team typology and dynamics. How not to treat everyone the same.
  • CONTROL – When to use what type of leadership. How to pass control through appropriate growth in “competence and clarity”.
  • MOTIVATE AND REWARD – How to help the team to perform for the long term while making sure that they keep a smile on their face? The intricacies of motivation. Linking reward and performance.
  • ESTABLISH CULTURE – The  goal of a leader at work and at home is to let yourself grow and move on. How do we build a team that will excel independent of our presence?

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