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Všeobecné podmínky vzdělávání společnosti Symphera (soubor PDF, 256 kB)

Leadership Assessment

This practical and comprehensive tool can be used not only to measure your level of leadership, but also to identify specific steps and areas to help you become a better leader.

Management Consulting

We will help you design and implement solutions to various problems within the operations of your entire company, e.g. in the areas of internal processes, people management and the management of the entire organization as such.


Our team of experienced experts can help you manage a complex transformation from A to Z and set up everything you need to make it easier.


Do you need to outsource an entire specific area of concern for you, move it forward and stabilize it? We will create an expert team to take care of everything.

Leading SAFe®

You will gain all the knowledge that you need to manage and support agile business transformation using SAFe and all its principles.


We will help you reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the project and the maturity of different areas of your Project Office or the entire company and make clear recommendations.


Developing and Implementing PMO and Methodologies, Smart Templates

We will set up the P3O in its entirety, create a tailored methodology, set up basic processes, train the Project Office and create a number of templates for the necessary documents.

Project Team Development

We determine the level of expertise and maturity of your project team, which will benefit from both our set of recommendations and our specific assistance in areas that need improvement.

PM Assessment

This high-quality and detailed tool ascertains a required level of expertise of the project manager, identifies the manager's strengths and areas for improvement and helps set the next development plan.

Project/Program Management Mentoring

We can help with team setup, project/program planning, risk and subcontractor management, progress monitoring (EVM) and a range of other activities.

Project/Program Assurance

We can assist in the strategic management of the project or program, increasing not only the project success rate but also the competence and expertise of the entire project team.

PM/PgM as a service

An experienced project manager, supported by a junior assistant and a senior expert in a given field, is able to take over your problematic project or program and ensure its delivery.

Introducing SAFe® for Executives

You will get an overview of the SAFe framework and its principles, and learn to understand the rules of scaling up to the corporate level from the top-management perspective.

Introducing SAFe®

Get an overview of the SAFe framework and its principles, and understand the rules of scaling up to the corporate level.


Do you sometimes need advice, assistance with projects, programs, stakeholder communication, team management? A mentor – a professional with many years of experience will be happy to advise and help.

Agile in the Context of an Enterprise (ACE)

In this interactive workshop we will explain the whole picture of agility in the context of your corporation.

Agile Assessment

We will assess the agile maturity of your agile team and help set specific development steps.

SM & RTE & Other Roles as a Service

We will provide key agile roles to you, whether for agile teams themselves or scaled agile.

Change management

We will provide support to change leaders or, if required, we can completely fill this role in the organization.

Agile Transformation Management

We will support you throughout the transformation and help you with setting up lean processes in your organization.

Agile coaching/mentoring

We can help you advance agility at any level of your organization from individual agile roles to top management.

Setting up Agile Teams

We will support you in forming and improving your agile teams up so that they become able to solve complex problems autonomously.

Value Stream and ART identification WS

In this workshop we will help you identify and describe specific value streams.