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Trainings in Agile


PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation

Classic or Agile? We will teach you how to combine project discipline with agile flexibility. Not only in pure agile projects, but also in projects with agile delivery.

Leading SAFe®

You will gain all the knowledge that you need to manage and support agile business transformation using SAFe and all its principles.

SAFe® Scrum Master

You will learn about the role of the Scrum Master in the SAFe framework, gain knowledge about scaling agile principles in the context of a team of agile teams or the entire company.

SAFe® for Teams

You will become an effective member of agile teams and know how to collaborate effectively with other teams within ART.

SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager

Learn how to fulfill the role of Product Owner and Product Manager in the SAFe framework.

Introducing SAFe® for Executives

You will get an overview of the SAFe framework and its principles, and learn to understand the rules of scaling up to the corporate level from the top-management perspective.

Introducing SAFe®

Get an overview of the SAFe framework and its principles, and understand the rules of scaling up to the corporate level.

Agile mindset

Agile starts with changing mindsets, not processes and structures! In this hands-on workshop, you will try new behavioral patterns in agility.


In this interactive and hands-on training, you will go through the entire Scrum process and try all the events.

Agile in the Context of an Enterprise (ACE)

In this interactive workshop we will explain the whole picture of agility in the context of your corporation.

Key Principles of Agile Management

Learn the principles of projects with agile delivery and pure agile projects.


Value Stream and ART identification WS

In this workshop we will help you identify and describe specific value streams.

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Trainings in Agile