Martin Kluson has the floor: Agility is a buzzword

What does a well-managed project actually look like? What do project managers need to look out for? Find out in this episode of the podcast “XX Has the Floor”.

Podcast description

XX Has the Floor” is a podcast about inspiration. Every week, Petr Schwank invites leading Czech personalities from business and public life for an interview and discusses their journey. And in this episode, he chatted with Martin Kluson, owner and CEO of Symphera.

Be inspired and enjoy listening!

Czech and English subtitles are available.



How did one of our clients comment on the podcast?

Milan Burianek

A great interview! I did a PRINCE2 certification with Martin some five years ago when he was helping an unnamed financial institution start up a Project Office that was in a very hibernated state... I still remember it - both Martin’s active participation “on the job” and the content of the training. The methodology is immortal in terms of project management basics. And it can be drawn upon in the agile environment I am currently in. I’m no longer a Project Manager (although I’d say it’s a lifelong disability, in short – once a PM, always a PM). It will be an honor to meet Martin again professionally!





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